Premium Pet Grooming Products TM

Our highly developed line of conditioners are meant to penetrate deep into
the coat and hydrate the hair shaft from within.

Our sulfate-free shampoos provide gentle cleansing, low sudsing
and no wear and tear on damaged coats and skin.

​Our sophisticated leave-in sprays, conditioners and styling aids are unmatched by any available to the Pet and Show Community.  

The results from using SHOW Premium Pet Care Products TM
are real, long lasting, and beneficial to both the coat and skin.


Our fist group of products in our line of pet coat care products
were designed purposefully to maintain, repair, and conditioner coats without any
harmful ingredients that are typically found in many different pet products.
We feature products with no harmful sulfates, no damaging parabens, no drying
alcohols and no sodium chloride.

Our Clients are the mindful Breeders and Exhibitors,
the talented Professional Groomers and Handlers
and the caring and loving Pet Owners
who are looking for the best quality grooming tools with the highest level of
quality ingredients that yield results that are instantly noticeable.

At SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products TM,
all ingredients are listed in full on each product and
all of our products are made in the U.S.A.

Welcome to the Next Level in Grooming TM

SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products TM 

is a totally new and very unique concept in pet coat grooming.  

Our advanced products were formulated to work with your pets' coat and hair to clean, condition and promote beautiful lengths and quick, professional results.